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Is the grout in your shower area tired looking, molding or falling out?

Is the caulk turning colors or worse, cracking, leaving holes that water can get through which can result in damage to the sheetrock walls (see photos)?
Then please give me a call.

Regrouting is a very affordable way to spruce up the look of the existing tile in your bathroom and at the same time help prevent costly repairs.

Perhaps tiles are already coming loose and the wall has become soft and needs to be replaced. Or the plumber had to open the wall to make a repair! I have the expertise to get your walls back together and make your bath area look as good as new.

As a customer myself, I appreciate straight forward, honest talk and quality craftsmanship.

Give me a call and I promise that’s what you’ll get from me. I’ll give you a quality job and I’ll treat your house as my own.

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